How to brew beer on a boat – the video

We don’t have any room to brew on the boat …” is a common misconception that’s often woefully relayed to us.

Well maybe it WAS true for some, when you needed a large barrel and stacks of bottles.

However, now there’s NO MORE EXCUSES!

Barry took such comments on board, and came up with his exclusive ‘Mini-micro Brewery Start-Up Kit’. Typical kiwi ingenuity!

Yesterday I finally managed to persuade him to let me shoot a video of him explaining how the system works.

We’re having to screen all calls now, Hollywood are chasing him as I type …

Check it out on Youtube below.

If you can go as far as giving him a thumbs up, and leaving a comment about his acting prowess  incredible invention, that could be sufficient encouragement to spur him on to continuing with showcasing his home brewing (on a narrowboat) skills:

I think Father’s Day is coming up soon in the UK – what a marvellous gift opportunity …

Here’s one we made earlier …

Mini micro brewery start up kit The Home Brew Boat

Barry’s Mini-Micro Brewery Start-up Kit in action


2 thoughts on “How to brew beer on a boat – the video

  1. Excellent! Looks really great! Useful as a starter to see if you like home brewing, as well as for those with limited space – can see lots of potential! Well done!

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