Sun in the south and snow in the north

It’s hard to imagine a more striking contrast than the differing weather Barry and I are currently experiencing.

In Gisborne, NZ, the temperature is in the high twenties, in the midlands in UK, I believe it’s hitting a number of minuses. Barry sent me a few snowy shots so I thought I’d share them here …


Driving through Handsacre I believe – very pretty


Looks like a good couple of inches of snow

Meanwhile here in Aotearoa, the sky is blue and the sun is generously sharing her heat with mum and I. It is wonderful to be back in Gisborne, catching up with heaps of friends and family.


A cruise ship called the Dawn Princess was sitting in Poverty Bay on Sunday 17th January. The two dogs are my friend Deb’s, who we are staying with


Barry’s brother Ray’s cafe – Verve – on Gisborne High Street


Hard to believe after coming from the cold of winter – here’s mum and I in the pool calling off

Barry is slowly moving west and north, and plans to be in Whitchurch by the time I return on 16th February which will be fabulous as it’s just around the corner from my daughter and grandsons. He’s catching up with people every now and again, thanks to Yogi and Ronni for entertaining him the other night – or was it the other way around?

It’s wonderful to spend this time with mum, I’m sure she’s aged ten years since we arrived.

3 thoughts on “Sun in the south and snow in the north

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  2. Hi Sandra, looks like you are having a great time back in Gisborne. We would love to go back again. Hope the cold weather over here isn’t causing Barry too many problems. We are finding it a bit cool too, having just arrived back from a fortnights cruising in the Caribbean, not on Carmel Marie of course, but P+O ship Azura. Great time. Have a safe journey back. Love Pauline and Ray. xx

    • Kia ora Ray and Pauline, lovely to hear from you. Yes it’s great to be back in Gissy – visited our previous house that you visited, lots of amazing changes been made by the new owners. Barry sounds fine, he’s happier with cooler weather. Caribbean Cruise sounds divine. Hope to ‘bump into’ you sometime this year 😉

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