Settling into our winter space at Mercia

We’re settling in nicely to our trade mooring at Mercia Marina – you can’t quite make us out in the photo above as we hadn’t got the banner up when I took this shot yesterday! We’re in front of the blue boat, which is behind the large white boat in the distance …

Said large white boat is ‘The Mug Tug‘ – specialising in children’s activities on a 50ft widebeam which is permanently moored at Mercia Marina and:

“invites all children aged from 0 to 100 years and all artistic abilities on board to experience the fun within our stylish, colourful floating sensation. No need to ‘borrow’ a child, adults have more fun than the kids and are actively encouraged to enjoy the fun too.”

Sadly out of five trading mooring spots available here, there’s just the two of at the moment.

We’re pleased to say there’s been a few interested punters stop by for a chat, though yesterday and today the rather wet weather has understandably dampened enthusiasm! Tomorrow isn’t looking much drier, though Sunday promises grey cloud but nothing wet falling from the sky. We shall see.

We’ve obtained the local bus timetable that’ll get us the short distance to Willington village for a spot of shopping (or it’s just over a three mile round trip), or of course we can now easily shop online if we need a good stock up.

I’m joining a book club here, we’re considering going to a quiz night and beetle drive in the coming weeks, and there’s a Willington History club that meets monthly that Barry may hook up with. All things we don’t get to do when we’re continuously cruising.

Facepainting weekends

I’ve got Funtastic Facepainting events booked every weekend now until 19th December – which entails a complex arrangement of transportation of myself and my kit to a variety of venues!

Today my lovely eldest sister Kath is driving from Lichfield to scoop me up, as I’m at the Guildhall in her fair city tomorrow at the Lichfield Cats Protection League Christmas Fayre.

Returning on Sunday, Mercia Marina have a fireworks and hog roast event, and they’ve very kindly offered their Marina Office to set up and facepaint from if any kids or adults are feeling adventurous.

It’s starting to feel like we’re going to like being a part of this small community for a short while …

2 thoughts on “Settling into our winter space at Mercia

  1. Hi Sandra and Barry, just found your blog and enjoying it! Me and hubby are contemplating a life as a liveaboard and would like to get a mooring at Mercia. Looks like you had a good time there.
    Helen x

    • Hi Helen
      Really pleased you’re enjoying the blog, thanks for finding us!

      We had a great time at Mercia. Really friendly people there, both staff in the office and the boaters. Lots of social events too, well organised. The buses and trains are also really handy.

      Good luck!
      Sandra (& Barry)

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