A walk around Wolverley

We’ve cruised past Wolverley a few times since our first mooring there in 2009, when we stayed for a drink at ‘The Lock’ with Barry’s daughter Jamie and her friend on a short visit to us.

For me, the Friday before last (the 13th!) was the first time I’ve actually walked into the village and had a look around. Despite living just two miles south in Kidderminster from January 1978 to June 1981, as far as I recall I never ventured there.

I missed a treat! It’s such a quaint place – actually quaint doesn’t do it justice. There’s some amazing houses and buildings (I think there’s a bit of money in these parts), steeped in history as 13 of them are ‘Listed’, a charming church and very well-kept graveyard.

St John's Church Wolverley

St John’s Church, dated 1772 – there’s been a church or chapel on this site since Anglo Saxon times

River Stour Wolverley

The River Stour in the foreground, Areandare in the distance on the Staffordshire and Worcester Canal, and The Lock pub on the right hand side


Charming village

Sandstone cliffs Wolverley

Rooms and houses are cut into the sandstone cliffs of the area

Sandstone cliffs Wolverley

Gorgeous colours

Cottages at Wolverley

The winding road up to the church – the cottages built into the incline

Wolverley cottages

St John's church Wolverley

The church on the hill, looks majestically over the surrounding countryside

The Lock Wolverley

The lock next to The Lock!

Nb Areandare Wolverley

Back from our pleasant walk – a lovely calm, early spring day, with glass-like water

St John's Church Wolverley

Final view of the church

Narrowboat at Wolverley

Nice house, nice boat …

Heading to Kinver …

Sandstone cliffs cutting Wolverley

The canal cuts through the sandstone cliffs








It’s a very pleasant voyage on this part of the Staffordshire and Worcester Canal, so close to the hustle and bustle of The Black Country yet no sign of it from the cut.

The next post will feature our visit to the Kinver Rock Houses – just for you Jenny!

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