Two weeks to go for The Home Brew Boat’s first trading event of 2015

We’re really looking forward to trading at canal-related festivals again, the buzz of being a part of a like-minded community is quite a thrill! Barry’s been doing a bit of online and towpath trading too recently which is fabulous – the bank manager will be happy too …

This evening we’re catching up with Helen and Andy, from Wandr’ing Bark (Captain Ahab’s Watery Tales), as they’ve moved onto their boat for a short while in-between homes!

We were fortunate enough to see the almost total eclipse of the sun this morning from our mooring at Coven – and Barry managed to take a few photos which we’ll post in a few days …

2 thoughts on “Two weeks to go for The Home Brew Boat’s first trading event of 2015

  1. Well, I hope you saw more of it than I did! It was overcast in Lancaster canal basin this morning at 0930 so all that happened was that it went eerily dark and cold and we saw nothing. Hilary was a working a few miles further north and caught a glimpse of it through some thin cloud – and she says an owl started hooting!

    For me it was a re-run of the total eclipse in 1999. I cycled down to the tip of Cornwall to stand on a hilltop and look at some clouds!


    • Fortunately we did Jim, lovely clear sky in Coven though a light cloud cover came over at the crucial time! I guess in those moments in time anything can happen, it’s all down to luck 😉

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