A few photos from the supermoon eclipse of the equinox sun!

That’s a bit of a mouthful isn’t it?

I’m in awe of nature and the natural world most days, even more so on days like today. It’s the Spring equinox here in the northern hemisphere, and we experienced the first eclipse of the sun here since August 1999. Apparently the next one in UK will be in 2026, who knows which hemisphere we’ll be living in by then!

Moored in Coven, alongside the Fox and Anchor, Barry made a pinhole camera initially and set it up from a porthole in the bedroom, then he used a pair of binoculars to see the reflection, and finally he used a polarising filter on his Lumix camera to get some better shots …

Solar eclipse 2015

Solar eclipse 2015

Solar eclipse 2015




Many places in England were too cloudy to see very much, so we were indeed fortunate. Not a total eclipse, I believe we saw about 84% coverage, but it was magical!

Such joy – who needs a fortune when we are so rich in experiences and memories …

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