Overstaying in Stourport

We’ve enjoyed one of our longest moorings in Stourport for the past week – having been forced to overstay the ‘allowed’ time. I guess this is something that happens frequently during the autumn and winter months due to the weather.

It’s not been a problem for us, we really like the town.

Last Friday was their xmas lights switch on, and it seemed as though the whole town had turned out despite the driving rain and cold. It reminds me why people here seem to make such a big deal of xmas, and for such an extended length of time before-hand. The dark and dismal days are brightened up by getting people to focus on an event so far away, maybe it helps to boost their spirits.

At the weekend we were in Cheshire celebrating our grandsons fifth birthday. Barry got to help put the new swings up in the garden on Saturday, and come on an adventure with us both on the Sunday to give his mum and dad a chance to catch up.

I borrowed my parents car for the trip, and took it back on Monday, imaging we’d leave Stourport on Tuesday and travel to Worcester.

Unfortunately after all the downpours we’ve had lately, the red light was showing at the top lock which takes boats down to the longest river in England – the Severn. Barry was reliably informed that rain from Wales takes a couple of days to make its way down, so to hope it’d dry up a bit to ease the flow. Additionally, the lock-keepers on the river are only available Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays at this time of year, and have to be pre-booked.

Barry’s got a booking for today at 11am. I popped back to pick up a few bits yesterday and took the shot below. Facing upstream is the correct way to moor on the river, and the current looked as though it was flowing at a great rate. It’ll be a swift journey, he’ll love it!


Areandare moored up outside The Angel pub on the River Severn yesterday

So I’ll miss the cruise down to Worcester, as I returned to mum and dad’s on Wednesday and today will be heading down to Devon for my younger sister’s hen weekend. It’s not likely to be anything raucous, rather a delightfully chilled weekend at a lodge with a spa, and lots of pampering treats. And spending time with my three sisters will be fantastic, it’s a rare event as we all live so far apart and now spend each weekend with one of us caring for mum and dad.

From Monday 1st December we’ll be on our mooring for three months, hooked up to the electric, water freely available anytime, in the heart of a city and right by public transport links.

Hibernation time in UK! A great time to be reflecting on all the incredible things we’ve done and seen this year, and make lots of lovely plans for 2015 travelling, trading, and time with friends and family.

4 thoughts on “Overstaying in Stourport

  1. Try asking The Angel barmaid to take off the sparkler on the beer pump! The locals then all take the piss and know where you come from, but it’s a good conversation opener. I always spend the max. mooring time in Stourport – just love it.

    • Hi Ray – too late! I seem to recall you saying that previously, but I don’t think Barry remembered. He’s safely tucked up in Worcester on the river this evening. Yes, we do like Stourport, a great canal-embracing town 😉

    • Hi Chris, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.
      Barry’s become a bit of a regular at The Angel this past week – I only managed the one visit! It is a delightful traditional British pub isn’t it? So friendly and cosy. We watched the ladies darts team beat ‘The Weary Traveller’ the other evening, then had a game ourselves. There’s not many establishments left like it 😉

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