Feeling hot, hot, hot …

I expect you’re imagining this is going to be yet another post about our fabulous new fire aren’t you?

Sorry to disappoint – we’ve bought coal, and the fire is fabulous.

Having been away from Barry since Friday, we decided we’d treat ourselves to a night out yesterday, rather than sit in front of our respective laptops all evening. We’d discovered Stourbridge is a rather lovely little town, so went out for dinner.

I’d suggested ‘pub grub’. Nothing fancy, just something cheap and cheerful that would save me from cooking and give us a chance to reconnect. It’s getting a bit strange so much coming and going. And it’s not going to change any time soon …

We thought ‘The Talbot‘ could be ideal. It looked like such a pleasant British pub from the outside.

The furnishings were fine. Rather pleasant in fact. However, the atmosphere was eerily quiet, and rather frosty.  Not a whisper of acknowledgment of our presence. No “hello”, “good evening”, “we’ll be with you in a minute”. Not even a nod of the head. And worst of all they didn’t have any ale on.

So we walked out. No-one batted an eyelid. Not that there were many lids present to bat!

Walking further up the High Street in the drizzle, we weren’t sure what we’d find. Then some coloured lights caught our attention. Just a doorway, nothing to predict what was in wait.

A couple around our age then walked in the door and said it was a really good restaurant. Barry loves a spicy Indian curry, and they had this amazing deal that looked far too good to be true. So we took the plunge and entered ‘Tropical Spice‘.

It turned out to be one of the finest Indian meals we’ve ever had. Not a posh place, wallpaper obviously fitted by people who have no idea about ‘pattern matching’, but fabulous service, and the most delicious four-course meal for £6.95 each!



An extensive menu for the special


Nothing stingy about the popadoms and sauces


Beef samosa, chicken pakora and an onion bhaji – a tropical spice mixed starter – delicious

We’d suspected the portion sizes would be small considering the price, but that was definitely not the case.

Barry and his brothers have this ‘thing’ about hot curries. Whenever we went out for one in NZ, they’d ask for theirs to be HOT, very hot, seriously hot. Rarely did the dish come as hot as they liked.

Barry chose the lamb Vindaloo last night, after asking the waiter how hot it was. “Very hot”, was his response. Barry was doubtful.

He was right – the waiter that is!


A lamb Vindaloo and a chicken tikka dupiaza – and a hand made completely irresistible garlic naan, along with colourful pilau rice

So Peter and Ray, here’s the challenge. Come to England and try a REALLY HOT curry in Stourbridge.


This is hot. This is REALLY hot …

Oh, and the fire’s been on most of the day today – it’s such a delightfully warm boat. Not too hot, not too cold. Just perfect 😉

8 thoughts on “Feeling hot, hot, hot …

    • Hi Camila

      I’m assuming you mean ‘only’ £6.95? Yeah I agree, Indian meals in NZ weren’t anywhere close to the quality here in UK, and especially the midlands area, IMHO 😉

      • Ugh, seems I’ve been spamming your comments – I was having problems logging in and now I can’t delete the duplicate.
        I definitely mean ONLY £6.95! I’m very jealous in a very nice way. Best curry I’ve ever had was in Birmingham – Rob went to uni there and knows the good spots 😉

        • No worries, I’ll delete it for you …

          I thought you would’ve meant that lol! Yeah, Birmingham is my ‘home’ territory from growing up, definitely high class Indian restaurants hereabouts 😉

  1. Hmmm… that vindaloo doesn’t look REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hot – the minimum requirement. Where is the palisade of fiery green chilies ringing the bowl, for example? I wonder if you made sure the waiter REALLY understood what you wanted, Barry?

    The Chili Challenge sounds tempting, for sure 🙂

    • Hello Peter! It may not look REALLY hot, but Barry informed me it most certainly was right up there with the hottest ones he’s tasted – without even having to beg for extra hotness. we are in what is arguably the best curry area in the world you know, the West Midlands, maybe one day we’ll get you here to take up the challenge 😉

  2. Sorry shipmates, but not up to anything too hot. I know it’s all about getting used to it and loads of practice, but I prefer well flavoured food that suits my taste. That’s why all my food at home and on board is home cooked…………….well, nearly all! Have you read The Autumn Fly-Run yet? it has been very well received by my crew; well, they have to approve or I will put them in the brig on the next trip. No sign of Dickie yet.

    • Hi Ray, it’s a Teutenberg tradition to find the hottest curry – see Peter’s comment to follow. Barry loves spicy food, I’m with you though I do like a bit of spice too. Barry’s read the Autumn fly-run, I shall endeavour to today.

      Hoping to see you early December, we’ve not heard from Dickie yet either, only Sandra. Could be a big weekend!

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