Through Barry’s extraordinary eyes – from Stone to Birmingham

These photos are way overdue to be published! Barry’s been so caught up with The Home Brew Boat that I have to keep nagging (me, nag?!) him to give me some of his fabulous photos!

It’s always worthwhile though, and these are no exception.

I’ve divided them into two posts for your delectation and delight …


Ray Oakhill, from NB Stronghold, who’s been an amazing support to us both since we began our narrow boating adventures in 2009. I finally met him in person in Stone recently


Love this shot of you Ray, looking pensive 😉


We’ll catch up again, don’t know where, don’t know when …


Great Haywood Junction


Tixall Wide


Tixall Wide from the other side!


Looking back around halfway up the Wolverhampton 21


BCN Old Line, cruising along under the madness of vehicles above on the motorway


Hoping the sheer volume of traffic isn’t going to collapse the structure …


Old and new, small and massive – which do you prefer? We’ll stick with the slow lane 😉


It’s unlikely you’ve spotted these locks to the new main line from the motorway!


Such a stark contrast all the way along this section


Four different bridge arches all lined up


Shutting the gate at one of the Smethwick locks


Now that’s a sight we’ve not seen before – speed boating on the cut!


Industrialisation around Soho, coming into Birmingham


Colourful graffiti


Approaching the city centre – the centre of an old bridge is all that’s left


The other side of the bridge centre – and is that a tram we can see?


Barry wonders if this is the only four-way cross road/canal on the system? It’s Icknield Port Loop and Soho Loop cross the Main line of the BCN


Approaching the thriving and beating heart of the canal network – Sherbourne Wharf to the right


Gas Street Basin on a buzzing Saturday evening – hen parties passing as they sing and dance frivolously

It’s fitting that this evening we’re moored up in the centre of Birmingham once again, some weeks after these shots …

4 thoughts on “Through Barry’s extraordinary eyes – from Stone to Birmingham

  1. Well I never! Those are just the best pics of me EVER! You certainly have the knack Barry. Thanks very much.

    Yes, that is the only crossroads on the canal system, I was reliably informed a few months ago. I also took a similar pic at the same place.

  2. Sandra,

    Are you by any chance going near the Daw End Branch around Walsall Wood?

    If you are there is a great photo op for Barry. Please let me know & I’ll give you more details

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