Five years later – Yes Dear

Today is the fifth anniversary of Barry and I’s first wedding! Maybe that sounds a little odd to some folk?

Family, friends and regular readers will know we were a little greedy and had two weddings, one in the northern hemisphere on the roof of our previous narrowboat Northern Pride, on the Birmingham and Fazely canal, at The Dog and Doublet, Bodymoor Heath. This wasn’t an ‘official’ or legally recognised ceremony, as we would’ve had to jump through far too many bureaucratic hoops to achieve that. We had an outrageously flamboyant Humanist celebrant, who made the occasion very special and personal. And around one hundred gregarious guests – I was also commemorating my 50th year on the planet two days later so it was a double party that night.

Our second marriage to each other was in December, on my favourite beach in the whole world, back in Gisborne.

Helen and Andy, from Wild Side, are moored next to us at the Parkhead Canal Festival ready for a weekend of wonderful trading – and tonight they’re coming round for a celebratory meal.

And the weather forecast for the weekend is looking quite splendid – we’re expecting big crowds, as well as my two daughters and grandsons.

Yes dear

On our inaugural narrow boating trip in 2009, we made friends with a number of fellow boaters. One such couple were Dave and Jan, from ‘NB Yes Dear‘, who spend the summer months aboard and return to their home in Stoke-on-Trent for the winter.

We’d not seen them since that trip, though caught a couple of glimpses recently but not been able to catch their attention.

Yesterday we finally managed to spend some time with them as we were both at The Black Country Museum




Hurrah! We had a lovely catch up over coffee and a few whisky tastings – home brew boat flavour mixed and Dave’s Glenfiddich.

Parkhead Canal Festival

We’re here until Sunday evening, so do come along and say hi if you’re anywhere nearby, we’d love to see you.

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