The Home Brew Boat makes national news!


A few weeks ago Barry received an email from a journalist writing for a national newspaper. He forwarded it to his marketing manager – me!

“The Observer newspaper is preparing an article about new technology in homebrewing, to be published in the September issue of our science and technology supplement. The piece will entail asking the chief brewer at a prominent craft brewery to try out each of the gadgets and give his opinion on each, opinions which will then be written up as a large illustrated piece, online and in print.”

We weren’t sure when or even if, we would ‘appear’ in the paper. On Sunday I emailed to ask the journalist as we’d not heard, and not long afterwards had an email from the lovely Helen of Wild Side, to say her sister had spotted ‘us’ and sent a photo (see above).

The Observer’s reply arrived early on Monday,  providing a link for the full article which you can read in Sunday Guardian/Observer online if you’re interested.

The brewer who tested it gave a positive review (a FEMALE brewer I’m very proud to report!), and included The Home Brew Boat website link in which is fantastic for sharing what we’re doing to promote brewing your own at home/on your boat.

There was also an interesting comment about the heat panel from a reader, vehemently saying the price is “taking the piss”. Well it’s the recommended retail price, so they’re unlikely to get one cheaper anywhere else. It’s that old saying  ‘you get what you pay for’ I guess.

And the heat panel is a useful addition to any brewer, keeping the temperature of the brew right. It’s also great for keeping your feet warm in winter! Barry’s dear departed mum had one bless her, for those chilly evenings.

Tipton Canal Festival

We weren’t intending on trading at Tipton over the weekend, but had a text from Marianne and Mick from ‘Lollipop Sweets’, saying Wayne, the organiser for Tipton, was asking if we were coming and would find a spot for us if we did.

So we did!

Only for Sunday trading, as we didn’t arrive until late on Saturday after filling up and pumping out at the marina where Areandare had been snuggled up while we were away.

It was very special to catch up with Marrianne and Mick again, as Tipton was their final festival of 2014.


The beautiful Marianne, tarot reader, life coach and genuinely gorgeous person


Mick sells sweets, Marianne shares tarot insights and readings


Mick, Marianne and Sandra, saying goodbye for now on Monday morning


The Tipton Slasher, aka William Perry, was a British heavyweight prize fighter of the 19th century, and born to narrow boating parents


The festival in full swing on a sunny Sunday


NB Lollipop a the end, Barry’s in the distance …


Lots of interest from people



There was even a brass band on a boat! The Blackwell Concert Band from Bromsgrove – now there’s something you don’t see very often!

Tipton won’t go down as our most successful festival, there was lots of interest, but sadly a dearth of handing over of cash! We always find you never know what will eventuate following these events via the website and online orders though, so we’re not disheartened.

Bob and Sandra, from ‘All Things Spanish/The Ice Cream Boat’ were also there – and they’ll be at Parkhead Festival with us next week, so we’ll have more chance to chat with them.


Bob and Sandra leaving yesterday

And guess who else stopped by to say ‘Hi’? Yes, Richard Parry, CRT CEO was there and had a quick chat with us  – next time I’ll aim to remember to take a photo.

Parkhead Canal Festival

Next weekend is a rather special one.

On Friday 26th September we’ll be celebrating five years of happy companionship since we married on the roof of our previous narrowboat, Northern Pride. The weather was absolutely amazing, I think around 23 degrees C all day as you can see below …


Our first wedding – a Humanist ceremony, on the roof of NB Northern Pride, 26th September 2009, outside the Dog and Doublet Bodymoor Heath

Additionally, it’s my 55th birthday on Sunday 28th. Both my delightful daughters will be coming to the boat to help me celebrate so many years of specialness – hurrah!

If any of you are around the area, do come and share our happiness – and buy a spot of home brew too 😉


Our last planned festival for 2014 is next weekend

3 thoughts on “The Home Brew Boat makes national news!

  1. Hi, I am writing to ask for your permission to use an image of yours for a flier to be given out at this year’s Tipton Canal Festival. The image is this one: The flier is for our church [Grace Community Church, Tipton].
    I could share a draft of the flier if you wanted.
    We would credit you on the photo if you’d like and told us the details you wanted on the image.
    Thank you in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Tim Ambrose

    • Hi Tim

      Of course you can use the image, not a problem at all. You could say that the image was taken during the 2014 festival by Sandra Walsh, It’s not a problem if that’s not possible, but it could potentially drive a bit of traffic to the website which is always helpful.

      Have a wonderful festival, we can’t be there this year …


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