A winter in Worcester

After loving our time at Tattenhall Marina last year, from mid-August to 1st March, we’d planned on returning for winter this year. Being so close to my eldest daughter and grandsons was very special.

This year however, my elderly parents have shifted up the priority list, so the plan’s changed.

We’ve been looking at either Droitwich or Worcester to base ourselves – Worcester won. Droitwich Spa Marina, opened in 2012, looks idyllic if you crave the simple life of solitude, but not if you want easy access to public transport as we undoubtedly will.

On Monday I took the opportunity to check out Worcester Marina, in the heart of the city.


Worcester Marina office at Lowesmoor Wharf

I met with Richard and Paul in the office and confirmed the mooring – they seem happy and helpful – hurrah!


Not a patch on the captain’s photography, but gives a feel of where we’ll be

Worcester is a vibrant city with two railway stations, a good bus service (one of which passes the end of the road my parents live on), a couple of cinemas, heaps of shops and restaurants, not to mention an amazing cathedral, racecourse and the river Severn running through.


Within a short walk of the marina there’s an Aldi and an Asda, as well as numerous other amenities.

There’s even a flax plant on the site to remind me of New Zealand! Not quite Gisborne, but it’s the place we need to be for now.

We’re initially booked in for three months between December and March. From now till then we’ll be mainly mooching around the midlands.

4 thoughts on “A winter in Worcester

  1. Hi Sandra

    Funny only yesterday Andy and I where wondering if our neighbours would be back in the Winter but I understand your reasoning.
    I used to go to Worcester when I was a little girl and loved it and the Marina sounds ideal for you at the moment.
    We are going out on Midland Star this week for the first time this year as I am finally out of plaster and am mobile (sort of) Lots of locks for Andy to do which will make a change!
    Take care
    Liz and Andy (nb Midland Star)

    • Hi Liz and Andy – lovely to hear from you! We did try and contact you from Marsden to catch up, maybe we’ve got the wrong phone numbers? Hurrah that you’re finally out of plaster and can get back on board – good luck with the driving! Hope to meet up again somewhere, sometime, you’re always welcome on board.
      Go well
      Sandra & Barry 😉

  2. I think you’ll like Worcester. It’s a very interesting city with lots going on and plenty of interesting places to visit nearby. I worked there for 12 years and enjoyed it.
    When I get a moment I’ll send Barry a list of all the best pubs!

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