Journeying through the picture-perfect Pennines

We’re a little distance away now from where this post’s pictures were taken – but I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

In fact today, Wednesday 27th August, Barry’s aboard Areandare near the northern entrance of the Harecastle Tunnel, while I’m with my eldest daughter in Malpas, Cheshire for a week, celebrating her birthday.

Hudddersfield Narrow Canal

For anyone yet to visit the Huddersfield Narrow and Broad Canals, I hope these next two posts go some way to persuading you of the merit of making the effort to journey to this waterway, it’s definitely worth doing.


Leaving Huddersfield, passing alongside the University buildings


A very narrow passage which is part of the new canal construction


The impressive Springwood Railway Bridge dwarfs Areandare below


The imposing Brittania Mill, on the outskirts of Huddersfield, hugs the canal



We found some helpers …


… and gave them a taste of locking – I even wrote down their names but can’t find where! So if you read this, comment below lovely people!


There are some very narrow and weedy areas around here, not to mention shallow …


The amazing ‘Titanic Mill’ building, built in 1911 the same year as RMS Titanic was launched, and now converted into luxury apartments


A bird’s eye view of the overflow race coming off a lock


The view from our mooring at Slaithwaite, another picturesque old mill and accompanying chimney


The newly re-opened canal (2001) cuts proudly through Slaithwaite town centre


This not yet converted mill building overlooks the canal and town centre – probably only a matter of time …


Prior to the reopening of the canal this area was all covered over and hidden from view


Now there’s an unusual name for a pub – ‘The Silent Woman’ (we wish says Barry bravely!). The picture is of a woman holding her head under her arm – must be a story there, but we couldn’t find it inside the pub or on a Google search – does anybody know?

The pub above, was well as an unusual name, came to the attention of the world media on 23 September 2007, when a man walked into the pub and ordered a pint of beer a few minutes after he had murdered his son and attacked his daughter with a knife (! We decided not to go in for a drink, the interior wasn’t nearly as promising as the outside.


Quaint cottages, but you couldn’t get much nearer to the railway viaduct!


The water reservoir above the town



And some of the housing on the hillside overlooking the area, with more photos below around stunning and scenic Slaithwaite …


A typical house frontage


You’re not far from the Pennine Hills here, and on a handy train route



Looking across the rooftops of the town


Maybe some similarities to Coronation Street?


This decrepit old building caught Barry’s photographer’s eye


The canal runs through the centre of the town in Slaithwaite


Friends from Gisborne on a UK holiday paid us a visit for the evening – fabulous to see you Liz, Viki and Maia




The obligatory silly shot


Liz and Viki – beautiful


Our mooring for the night – a little shallow to say the least!

2 thoughts on “Journeying through the picture-perfect Pennines

  1. Hi there,
    We had a brief meeting with Barry at Hall Green stop lock yesterday whilst we filled with water. Great to meet a ‘blogger’ out of the blue and it’s strange how you seem to know people due to following their blog. We will be in touch for a wine kit when we get back home. Hope to meet up again very soon.

    • Hi John and Louise. How fabulous, thank you so much for posting a comment – and yes, it’s always a little surreal meeting people who read the blog. They know so much about us, a bit of an unfair advantage I guess?! Would be lovely to meet you both some time 🙂

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