So is it a gunnera?

Does anyone know what this plant, that we discovered growing by a lock, is called?

The only feedback I’ve had is from a friend on Facebook who thinks it’s a gunnera …



3 thoughts on “So is it a gunnera?

    • Wow! Yes indeed, it seems it’s a “Gunnera manicata from Brazil produces enormous leaves up to 2m across and exotic looking flower spikes. At Logan a tunnel has been created to allow indviduals to walk through the ‘Giant Rhubarb’, an experience that will never be forgotten!”

      Awesome, thanks Helen 😉

  1. I’d say so, Sandra. And from what I can gather from my books & t’interweb, depending on the variety, the stalks are edible and eaten particularly in the Chille. However, since I am far from an expert in indentification and the first rule of foraging is always ‘if in doubt, leave it out’ I would’t advise you try it!

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