Our journey from Littleborough to Hebden through Barry’s eyes – part one

As previously promised, I’ve persuaded Barry to choose a selection of his favourite images taken during our journey along the Rochdale Canal from Littleborough to Hebden Bridge, which we made from 28th June to 1st July.

Littleborough to Summit


The scenery, as we’d been told by many people, was definitely worth waiting for


Rolling hills and tons of trees – nice to have a fairly long pound between locks at times


An unusual sight – these would’ve been used many years ago to throw a rope around and secure the horse drawn boat when entering the lock


Lock 45 (Pike House Lock) at bridge 45 (funnily enough Pike House Bridge!) – that doesn’t happen very often!


Sladen Lock, number 44, and the pounds are very short for a few more locks to come


Just above Lock 38, where we moored overnight at Summit – The Summit Inn is next to the trees


Adorable stone cottages are prolific around these parts


We were lucky to find the last mooring space in a quiet spot


Opposite our mooring was this single storey house which looked incredibly like an ‘East Coast’ property found in New Zealand, where Barry’s from. It looked rather odd in this location – we wondered what the story could be – does anyone know?


Our neighbour for the night – in the ‘made for a photographer’ reflective evening light

 What a talented husband I have. Of course photographers have the skill to make images look amazing, but this really was a delightful journey especially after the many challenges we’d experienced in the previous days.

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