A week of contrasts

I realised yesterday it’s been four weeks since I was on board a mobile Areandare – apart from the short journey down the lock at Gailey last week. Life’s certainly a little out of the ordinary at the moment!

I finally completed the financial assessment forms for my parents, and got them sent away last Thursday – what a minefield it seems to be working out processes, procedures and professionals, and making progress co-ordinating any sort of plan of care for elderly people needing support.

It all got a bit much for me, despite thinking I was coping ok, and I took up my younger sister’s offer of a break back on Areandare at the weekend. The Social Worker had arranged for a carer to come and help dad morning and evening, from Friday, so I left them alone Saturday night and my sister arrived Sunday lunchtime. If we can keep them at home and together, for as long as possible, that would be great.

Visitors on board

Twice last week I’d called Barry and a woman had answered. I was unconcerned, it’s more than Barry’s life on the waterways is worth to play around!

The first time it was Pam, from ‘The Rooster’s Rest’, visiting with her husband Terry. The following day it was Ange, from ‘Lady Esther’, with her husband Dave. So sad to have missed you both, hope we catch up again this year.

We’d bumped into these four lovely people last April, that time within minutes of each other. Spooky!

Barry was moored at Great Haywood for a few days, which was fabulous as it meant we had access to a hook up and water, and a safe place once again to park mum and dad’s car. On the Friday night, Barry had been aboard Sam and Chris’s boat ‘It’s later than you think‘, more boating friends. And another opportunity missed by yours truly! They were taking the train back to Tattenhall Marina on Saturday to surprise someone there for their birthday celebrations at Scott’s Bar.

It was so calming to be back on the boat, you really appreciate life’s magical moments that seem otherwise mundane, when you’re deprived of them.  Barry and I went for a nourishing walk through Great Haywood, across the river, and along the Shugborough Hall pathway on Sunday.


A ‘selfie’ at Shugborough

There’s a fantastic farm shop on the Marina road, selling lots of delectable foods. Not the cheapest, but fresh strawberries were definitely a necessity. I’ve not seen them grown like this before, it must keep all the slugs at bay and stop them from rotting on the ground.



Chris and Sam returned on Sunday evening, and were moored adjacent to us. So at least I got to see them for a short while.


Saying goodbye for now to Chris and Sam on Monday morning



Barry gives Sam a helping hand in reverse to exit the marina – it’s a tight turn


Off they go!

Up and coming festivals

Our next festival is at Etruria, in Stoke-on-Trent, where we were only going to be trading as The Home Brew Boat. Their booked face painter has gone to Australia, so I may get to do some more Facepainting, depending on what’s happening with mum and dad. After that it’s the Middlewich Folk And Boat (FAB) festival,  13th to 15th June, then Lymm Historic Transport Day on 29th June .

I’ve got a fantastic new model for practising face painting and for trying out new designs to photograph for festivals …

My new face painting model

My new face painting model – I’m looking for a name for her, what do you think? Comment below …

And yes, there was some strawberry cider left.  In fact we had some more visitors on Monday who sampled it – but that’s for another post …

I returned to mum and dad’s yesterday, hoping to get back to Barry by Friday. Fingers and toes crossed!

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