Heading back to Barry and our boat – albeit briefly …

I’ve always loved having three sisters and am aware how fortunate we are to be close and supportive of one another. At the moment I cherish it even more, as it means I’m getting a couple of nights ‘off’ to be able to drive up to wherever Barry may be (he was near Tettenhall yesterday), and have some boat and Barry time.

Kath and Linda are arriving today. Kath will drive from Lichfield, and Linda from Southampton. Viv, the youngest, lives in Exeter. Talk about spread across the country! Still, at least we are all in the same one now.

Dad and mum capture some glorious British sunshine

Dad and mum capture some glorious British sunshine

Dad’s been up and down. One minute looking sprightly, gaining energy and sparkle, the next wobbly and worried. Today he’s of the former, and has left his walking frame behind for a while. We’ve even got him down the back stairs and into the sunshine – which he adores.

Our new Social Worker will visit on Monday, so I’ll see how the land lies as to whether it could be safe to leave them with a package of care for a while. One thing’s certain, they can’t go back to living alone without daily support.

It took me the best part of two full days this week to sort out what mum and dad’s financial situation is, and almost complete the financial assessment forms for Social Services. The positive part of this is they definitely won’t be paying for anything.

You see, having lots of money in your old age is not necessarily a good thing! Barry’s mum’s money, much of it left to her by her own mum, has been slowly draining away during the almost two years she’s been in residential care in NZ.

Although we must have the amount necessary for Barry’s visa application, money isn’t the leading concern in our lives. Living well most definitely is!

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