More Spring Market news from Captain Ahab

Barry didn’t get much of a chance to take photographs at The Spring Market last Saturday. Not that we’re complaining, he had a whole heap of folks interested in his boat-full of all things home-brew related.

However, he’s promised me there will be a selection of his exceptional photos available to post in the near future – from the festivals and our travels.

In the meantime, the incredibly talented writer and photographer Andy Tidy captured the atmosphere of the day marvellously.

Click here to read all about it – additionally for us, we get a few ego stroking mentions. Thank you Andy. We love you too.

Andy's photo of my self-painted flower power face

Andy’s photo of my self-painted flower power face

Helen did confide in me that Andy had spent a disproportionate amount of time chatting amiably to people around and about the site – including Barry of course! Well he had little choice really, and was suitably forgiven. It was, after all, his birthday.

And he’d been gifted with a £25 ‘voucher’ from his brother-in-law to spend at The Home Brew Boat. He’d also been one of the two lucky winners of the banner competition we held on Facebook, so he had £20 to spend from that too.

Yes, he was the originator of the ‘Get your kit off‘ part of the banner …

Get you kit off - the home brew crew

Get you kit off – the home brew crew

We’re on our way to The Floating Market in Alvecote for easter weekend. If you’re in the area, do come and see us.

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